Marine Turbocharger

A sufficient supply of air results in fine combustion in a marine diesel engine. By changing the density of air entering the engine, the average output power of the entire engine can be significantly increased. This is done with the aid of a system known as a turbocharger,

Why Turbocharger is used?

In a non-turbocharged engine, such as a naturally aspirated automobile engine, the air is sucked within the engine by a low pressure region formed by the piston’s downward stroke. However, this mechanism operates on a constant air inlet pressure that cannot be increased or decreased and is insufficient for full combustion.

Turbochargers are used to overcome this issue by providing a greater density of air to the engine. This makes turbochargers a forced induction system for marine diesel engines. This forced induced mechanism compresses the air and squeezes it into the cylinder of the engine, allowing a huge amount of fuel to enter. This not only increases power but also boosts the engines’ power-to-weight ratio.

What is Marine Turbocharger?

Turbochargers are centrifugal compressors that use an exhaust gas turbine to increase charge air pressure in engines. All important engine parameters, including fuel efficiency, speed, and emissions, are influenced by turbocharger output.

A marine turbocharger is a device that boosts the intake air pressure of an internal combustion engine by coupling a compressor wheel and an output gas turbine wheel through a solid shaft. The exhaust gas turbine derives energy from the exhaust gas and uses it to power the compressor to eliminate friction. Both the compressor and the turbine wheel are radial flow in most automobile applications. An axial flow turbine wheel can be used instead of a radial flow turbine wheel in some applications, such as medium- and low-speed diesel engines.

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MAN Marine Turbo chargers

NA34 NA40 NA48 NA57 NA70
NR15 NR20 NR24 NR26 NR34
TV48 TV57 ZA7 ZA70  

VTR Marine Turbo chargers

160 200 250 320 400
500 630 161 201 251
321 401 501 631 214
304 354 454 564 714

MITSUBISHI Marine Turbo chargers

MET-35 MET-45 MET-350 MET-450 MET-560
MET-56 MET-70 TV-57H    

NAPIER Marine Turbo chargers

C45 C80 H200 H100 H-400
H-300 S-610-A S-610-B R-510 R-410