Marine Auxiliary Engines are manufactured keeping in mind the rigorous environment they will be installed and operated in, along with maintaining the continuity of operation to provide uninterrupted power supply to various ship systems. The most important thing for running the machinery system in its best capabilities is to know the correct operating procedure for the same and to bring the machinery back in operation following the correct sequence and troubleshooting procedure if it is stopped due to unavoidable circumstances. The ship’s engineer in-charge must familiarize himself/herself with the operating manual of the auxiliary engine, the correct operating parameters and scheduled planned maintenance.

Marine Auxiliary Engine is a 4-stroke, medium speed, medium size, trunk piston engine. It has high rotational speed and that’s why used for electricity generation. The Power/Weight ratio is less. Highly efficient but less powerful. The Turning moment is not uniform, a heavier flywheel required. Cheaper parts, more maintenance, more noise, air intake through valves, used for power generation. We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Used Engine suppliers in Chittagong.

ALLEN Marine Auxiliary Engine : 6BCS-12D

B&W Marine Auxiliary Engine

5T-23LH 6T-23LH 7T-23LH 8T-23LH 28LH
LH-4 MTBH-40 MTBH-30 23/30H 28/32H

BERGEN Marine Auxiliary Engine


BLACKSTONE Marine Auxiliary Engine


CATERPILLAR Marine Auxiliary Engine

D-3304 PC 3606 DI D-348 D-353 3306
3406  3412 3408 – B  D-398 D-399
3512 3516 3508    

DAIHATSU Marine Auxiliary Engine

6PS-22 6PST-22 6DS-22 6DS-26 6DS-18A
8PSHTB-26D PKT-16 DS-28 PS-26D DL-24
PS-26 DK-20 DL-22 DL-26 DS-28
DL-28 DL-20 PSHTB 26H PSHTC 26H DS-32
DK-32 PL-24      

DEUTZ Marine Auxiliary Engine

BAM528 BF-6M716 BF 8L-413 BF 12M 714 BF 12M 714
12M RBV-350 RBV 8M 545 BA8M 528 BA8M 816

FIAT Marine Auxiliary Engine: AL 230.6.
NIIGATA Marine Auxiliary Engine: 6L 20BX
RUSTON Marine Auxiliary Engine: 6AP 2Z, 6A RZ/2, AP230Z
RUSSIAN Marine Auxiliary Engine : 8CHN 25/34
SCANIA Marine Auxiliary Engine: DL1478

SKL Marine Auxiliary Engine

VD 26/20 AL-2 VD 26/20 NVD 26A NVD-48A-2 NVD36

SULZER Marine Auxiliary Engine

AL 25-D AL-25/30 ASL-25H BAH-22
AL20/24  520    

STORK Marine Auxiliary Engine

6SWD 280  DRO-216K DRO-158 FBD240
8SWD 280    

VOLVO PENTA Marine Auxiliary Engine

TAMD-120AK TMD-102A TMD-1010G

WARTSILA Marine Auxiliary Engine

524 TS 624 TS        
 414 TK 614 TK        
8R32 4R22 6R22 8R22 6R32 6R22/26
4L20 6L20 8L20      
16 V 26 LDGD 12V32 18V32      

YANMAR Marine Auxiliary Engine

GL UL        
M200L M220L        
T260 T240L T220L      
S185 S165